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plastic adhesive wall hook(H002)


Product detail:

Materials: PET and PS and Synthetic Rubber

Max Load: 2KG

Body Size: 8.6x5.4cm

Packing Size: 12.1x8.1cm

Package: Each piece in a blister card, 500pcs in a carton

Carton Size: 49x37x28cm


1. Safe for children

We have the certification of REAH and RoHS.

Our hooks do not contain mercury, cadmium, lead or other harmful substances.

2. Strong carrying capacity

You can carry up to 2kgs. We do not suggest exceed 2kgs on flat and smooth surfaces. 

However, it can carry up to 2.5kgs on even surfaces like glass, metal and ceramic tiles.

3. Water-resistant

Our hook is not affected by water because of its rubber structure. 

After it`s applied onto a dry surface, it`s completely water-resistant.

4. Solve many questions and problems we have in daily life:

Where will I place things that want to have in reach like hair dryer, tongs, spoons?

How will I hang this picture on the wall? What if I don`t like its place afterwards?

How will hang accessories and soap holder in the shower rooms?

My child cannot reach the towel, how can hang it lower?

It would be great to have something behind the furniture to tidy things up.

My locker in the dorm is tool small, how can I keep my belongings tidy?

How can I hang party decorations?

Our hooks do not only answer all these questions. 

You can safely use it on all flat and smooth surfaces without annoying traces and worries.


1. Clean the adhesive surface with a clean soft cloth, keep it dry.

2. Tear the protective film.

3. Cling the hook on the wall; extrude the film outward along the hook with thumb. 

    Drain the air out of the film to ensure the film and the wall pasted closely.

4. Pull down the hook with slightly strength, if it is firm, it can hang articles.



1. To guarantee the weight of the hanging, the film must be applied with firm pressure, 

    which can avoid the tile gap and make the film fully adhere to the wall.

2. When taking down the hook, lift one corner of the film, and tear the film slowly.

3. Please don`t hang the articles which exceed the loading limit listed on the packaging.

4. Please don`t dangle the mirror, wall clock, glasswork and other valuable or breakable goods.

5. Do not dangle items in sitting or in bed. To avoid danger causes by hook falling off.

6. Do not use the hook on uneven, rough or porous material surfaces, such as painting wall, wallpaper, cob wall, sand wall and flowery tile wall.

7. The hook can be used in smooth surfaces of ceramic tile, glass ,refrigerators, paint walls, paint woods, etc.

8. The hook can be used repeatedly. No mark left and washable.


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